The Land of Opportunity : Kenworth Reeves :

In case you haven’t noticed, we are living in one of the greatest times in history. Well, at least in terms of the ability to create, build, launch and market something – an idea or business or app that could improve the quality of life for others.

Some of you would absolutely agree while others may disagree. But let’s just look at a few reasons why I believe we’re living in one of the greatest times in history – a time like never before to create and launch your art.

Technology is advancing at warp-speed. It’s easier to connect with people from around the world. Business deals and transactions happen with people you’ve never met – and maybe never will.

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Superhero: Kenworth Reeves :

Heroism. What does that even mean? According to Merriam-Webster, it is a legendary figure often of divine decent endowed with great strength or ability.

After looking into it a little bit, the common denominators in what make a hero a hero or what make a situation call for a hero are the following:

  1. Crisis
  2. Opportunity
  3. Decisive and immediate action
  4. A shiny, spandex ‘quick-changing’ costume

So, are you a hero? If you think not, I will have to ask why? Because I think that somewhere inside each of us lies a hero. Someone that needs our help. Our strength. Our ability.

Most of these pre-requisties listed above for being a hero are readily available. Crisis is everywhere. Look around. Or down the street. Poverty. Orphans. Hunger. Homelessness. Fatherless children. Disease. Depression and spiritual emptiness. Just to name a few.

I don’t think that the question is whether or not you are or can be a hero, but whether or not you decide to become one. On whether or not you take action.

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This is a guest post by my great friend Gene Krcelic. Gene is a man of  faith and a highly devoted family man. He has a beautiful wife, Mary, and two equally beautiful daughters, Caroline and Alexis. He is the author of the new book titled, “Loves Like a Hurricane.” He is a speaker and a advocate for the “least of these.” He is also the President of the Premier Foundation. I believe everyone needs a Gene Krcelic on their team. You can connect with him on Twitter via @krcelic. 

Pink Hat : Kenworth Reeves :

“Freedom lies in being bold.”Robert Frost

The Folly Beach summer vacation sun had been baking the top of my scalp through my hair. Usually I would bring a hat or two on vacation to shield my brow but in the rush to get to the Atlantic coastline I forgot to grab one of my 53 lids for a week of reading, body surfing and chilling in the sand. After two days in the 95 degree sun my scalp had had enough.

A quick trip to the Piggly Wiggly for extra bread and milk found me staring at the discount hat rack next to the check out. A wide assortment of South Carolina hats bearing the icons of the Palmetto State flag were stacked according to color: White, beige, blue, black and pink. The black cap first caught my eye. I slipped it on. “Nice look,” I thought checking myself in the two inch by four inch mirror. Then the white and finally the beige.

“What do ya think?” I asked my daughter.

“The beige or the white, definitely,” Alexis said with a chuckle as if she really meant to say “Dad, you’re just not a hat guy.”

“What about you, Caroline,” trying to get assurance from my eldest and hopefully wisest college student.

“Either one is fine,” she shot with not much more assurance.

For some odd reason, with the absurdity that only a dad can muster, I picked up the pink cap and fit it firmly on my head. The pink was so bright I could have sworn it came with a battery pack. To make matters even more intriguing, the Palmetto tree on the front of the pink hat was in bright neon lime green with a thin green line along the brim. Pink and green! Classic!

“How about this one?”

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Being Productive : Kenworth Reeves :

Do you ever feel like your “to-do” list is constantly making babies? I do. It’s always growing and sometime I feel like I can’t get ahead of the run-away train titled “action list.” There seems to be much more action to be taken and not enough hours to do it all.

Nevertheless, we persist and push forward to the next day – no matter how many babies our list gives birth to. I know – weird analogy but yesterday it hit me and it stuck. Hehe.

First off, know this. Interruptions are the arch-enemy of the “to-do list.” But the problem is that they’re constantly bullying your “to-do list.”  They’re like the mean kid in 4th grade who picked on everybody until some had to step in and show him a thing or two. Well, interruptions are the same way. They will keep bullying you until you have had enough.

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